pool car reservation
and fleet management software

It has never been easier to manage and reserve pool vehicles and optimize capacity utilization.

Thanks to Carpanion pool car reservation and fleet management, manual lists, Excel spreadsheets and Outlook calendars are a thing of the past.

Thanks to the combination with smart key cabinets, you can manage access to all vehicle keys in the company securely, digitally and seamlessly.

Save time and money with innovative solutions from Carpanion

GPS Fleet Software Poolcar-Reservierungstool Buchungskalender am Smartphone

Reservation tool

The pool car reservation tool enables a simple booking process for employees (on smartphone or PC) and efficient company fleet utilization for fleet management and administration.

GPS Fleet Software digitales Fahrtenbuch am Laptop

Digital logbook

Journeys are automatically recorded in the electronic logbook and private journeys can be excluded using a switch in the vehicle. Driver recognition and driver log-on in the vehicle can also be easily integrated.

Smartbox Schlüssel Entnahme und Rückgabe

KEYBOX for poolcars

Intelligent key cabinets can be integrated into the fleet management system and ensure secure key management with access via personnel card or PIN.

Digitale Führerscheinkontrolle von Carpanion Fleet! Führerscheine automatisch kontrollieren per Smartphone

Driver's license check

Digital AI-supported driver’s license check for semi-automated verification and to protect fleet managers from liability problems and penalties.

Pool car reservation and fleet management software
What makes Carpanion stand out?

With Carpanion’s digital fleet management solutions, you can optimize your company fleet management, regardless of your company size. The reservation tool in combination with a digital logbook and integrated intelligent key box saves fleet managers a lot of time and administrative costs. We meet your requirements for a comprehensive telematics solution while maintaining data protection standards.


Special reports and evaluations for fleet managers, logbooks and fleet utilization

From the tax office

Automatic digital logbook with all details and without live tracking

ELECTRIC vehicle

Integration of electric vehicles. Include the range of your electric vehicles in your bookings.


Data protection clearances
Single sign-on for employees
Automatic driver's license check

Vehicle fleets

Compare mileage
Leasing information
Service reminders
Driving license checks

Vehicle fleets

Complete management of your vehicle fleet
Digital logbooks
Control of employees
Driver management


Fleet management is also possible across several locations
Digital key cabinets
Multi-client capable
User authorizations

More flexible
Booking calendar

Availability dependencies
Buffer times, approvals, e-mobility
Prioritization variables
E-mail notifications

Pool car reservation
and digital logbook

Take a look at the advantages and functions of the pool car reservation in this short video.

We will show you how to make a booking quickly and manage your vehicles.


GPS Fleet Software Poolcar-Reservierung am Smartphone

Pool car management

GPS Fleet Software Fahrtenbuch Fahrt und Stopp

Digital logbook

Smartbox Schlüssel Entnahme und Rückgabe

Smart Box
Key box

Digitale Führerscheinkontrolle von Carpanion Fleet! Führerscheine automatisch kontrollieren per Smartphone

Driver's license check

Sichere Schlüsselverwaltung dank smartem Schlüsselkasten von Traka Touch-S

Advanced features


Carpanion is one of the professionals in the industry for pool car reservation, fleet management and GPS tracking. Years of experience from many implemented projects and cooperation with over 500 corporate customers make us a strong partner for your fleet management.

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