Corporate Carsharing Software:

Increasing efficiency and reducing costs in fleet management

How intelligent software solutions revolutionize mobility in your company.

Flottenmanagement Poolcar-Reservierungssystem, ein Funktionsüberblick über Carpanion Fleet

What meenscorporate carsharing

Corporate Carsharing refers to the sharing of vehicles by employees of a company.

In contrast to traditional fleet management, where vehicles are permanently assigned to individual employees or departments, car sharing enables more flexible use and increased efficiency of the vehicle fleet. The idea behind it is simple: Instead of cars sitting unused in parking lots for most of the day, they are shared by different employees for business trips.

Increased efficiency of our software for corporate car sharing

Intelligent management of the pool car fleet is gaining in importance in an increasingly environmentally conscious and efficiency-oriented business world.
Corporate car sharing with our software not only reduces operational costs, but also contributes to sustainability.
At the heart of this system is the advanced software that makes it possible to make optimum use of company vehicles.

In this article we take a look at the specific advantages of corporate car sharing.

advantages of corporate carsharing

Corporate car sharing software for simple fleet management

The introduction of our digital pool car system offers your company numerous advantages

cost cutting

By optimizing the use of the vehicle fleet, costs for acquisition, maintenance, insurance and parking can be significantly reduced.

environmental friendliness

Fewer vehicles mean fewer emissions. Car sharing within the company also promotes the use of environmentally friendly vehicles such as electric cars.

Flexibility for employees

Employees benefit from greater availability and choice of vehicles and the ability to book them easily.

Administrative relief

The automation of booking and administration processes reduces the administrative workload for fleet managers and reception and improves efficiency.


A fleet manager reports

The role of software in corporate carsharing

The key to the success of a corporate car sharing system lies in the use of specialized software solutions.
This software not only serves to manage and book the vehicles, but also optimizes the use of the entire fleet.

The main functions include:

Reservierung und Buchung

Employees can view availability and book vehicles easily via an app or web application.

Vehicle management

Die Software bietet einen Überblick über den Status jedes Fahrzeugs in Echtzeit, einschließlich Standort, Zustand und Verfügbarkeit.

Key management

With a smart key cabinet, it is easy to ensure that keys are only issued to authorized persons, to store keys securely and to document expenditure.

Usage analysis

By collecting and analyzing usage data, companies can increase the efficiency of their fleet, for example by adjusting the number of vehicles or identifying peak times for bookings.

Why act now?

Introducing a corporate car sharing scheme not only offers financial and environmental benefits, but also improves employee flexibility and satisfaction.
In a world where sustainability and efficiency are key concerns, companies that use such innovative solutions position themselves as attractive employers and responsible players in their industry.

Implementing a corporate car sharing program is a crucial step towards more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly mobility in your company.

Are you ready to revolutionize how you manage your fleet?

Request a demo of our software and see for yourself how easy and efficient corporate car sharing can be.

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