Digital key box

The digital key box expands your system with simple and integrated vehicle access – simply via smartphone app!

Your solution for digital key management!

Digital key box: simple, digital and secure

Digital key management for poolcars

Thanks to a digital key box, the vehicle key is located directly in the vehicle. With a smartphone app, pool cars can be opened quickly and easily by authorized persons – without the hassle of handing over keys!

For vehicles with and without keyless go function

The system is also suitable for cars without keyless-go, the key can be easily and quickly removed from the box in the glove compartment.

Advantages of a digital key box

Simplify the key handover of pool cars with digital vehicle access

Secure storage of the car key directly in the vehicle

The vehicle key is safely stored in the key box.

No conversion necessary in the vehicle

The digital key box can simply be inserted in the vehicle (glove compartment), no damaging modifications to the vehicle are necessary!

Digital vehicle access

The vehicle is locked and unlocked via Bluetooth connection, simply using a smartphone app. Even without an Internet connection

How easy it is to use the digital key box

Thanks to the simple integration without time-consuming installation or conversion work, you can use the digital key box in just 3 steps:

Entsperren Sie Autos ganz einfach per Smartphone mit digitaler Schlüsselbox

Insert key box

Place the key in the key box, lock it and place it in the glove compartment, for example.

Digitaler Autoschlüssel für Poolcars mit digitaler Schlüsselbox

Digital key

Assign a digital key to authorized persons or have it assigned automatically by a fleet manager.

Auto aufsperren mit dem Handy - digitale Schlüsselbox für Fahrzeuge wie Poolautos


From now on, the vehicle can be locked and unlocked quickly and securely by authorized persons using the smartphone app!


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