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Check driving licenses digitally

With the AI-supported tool for digital driver’s license checks, you can make the process of checking driving authorizations easier and more efficient for you and your employees.

Fleet managers or managing directors should regularly check the driving licenses for all drivers of company vehicles in order to protect themselves against liability problems and penalties.

Implementation of the digital driver's license check on the smartphone

Drivers can complete the driver’s license check themselves on their smartphone within a minute. Without a seal, without a test station and without sending copies of driver’s licenses.

The fleet manager saves a lot of working time and administrative effort thanks to the independent digital checking of driving licenses by the drivers. Photos or copies of driving licenses no longer need to be stored.

Digital driver's license check in just 3 simple steps

Digitale Führerscheinkontrolle von Carpanion Fleet! Führerscheine automatisch kontrollieren per Smartphone

Carry out a digital driver's license check on your smartphone

Drivers receive a link by e-mail with which they can carry out the digital driver's license check.

The user is guided through the check in a few simple steps. If the check is positive, the fleet management receives the time stamp of the check and the driver's name on the driver's license.

Personal presentation of the driver's license is only necessary in the case of ignored requests for checks and illegible driver's licenses.

If the checks are successful, NO image of the driver is saved in the GPS Fleet software (data protection).

The digital driver’s license check is done in less than 1 minute!

Advantages of the digital driver's license check

Optimize your company fleet management with comprehensive fleet management solutions for companies of all sizes. The reservation tool in combination with a digital logbook and integrated intelligent key box saves fleet managers a lot of time and effort. We meet your requirements for a comprehensive telematics solution while at the same time complying with data protection standards.


Open and completed checks are displayed

AI-supported control on the smartphone

Most European driving licenses in credit card format are checked automatically

Data protection compliant
Driving license check

Only unreadable driving licenses have to be checked manually, personal photos are not stored

Time expenditure

The driver's license check can be carried out using a smartphone link and filming of the driver

Functions of the electronic driver's license check

Digitale Führerscheinkontrolle mit Carpanion, einfach Status der Lenker überprüfen
  • The driver’s license checks are displayed for all drivers. There are driving license checks that are carried out online (via smartphone) or offline (on site). Completed driver’s license checks are entered in green.

Obligation to check driving licenses in Austria?

The legal situation regarding driving license checks in companies differs in Germany and Austria. Nevertheless, companies should NOT refrain from regularly checking drivers’ licenses, as high costs, expensive liability risks and even penalties can be incurred by the fleet manager or managing director if the obligation to check driving licenses is ignored.

Is the employer obliged to check the driver's license?

A company with a fleet of vehicles is legally obliged to regularly check the required driving license. The regulations in Germany are very strict, but you should not rely on them in Austria either, because the liability risks for the managing director or the fleet manager are very high. §Section 103 KFG 1967 (Austrian Motor Vehicle Act) provides: The owner of the registration may only allow persons to drive his motor vehicle who have the required driving license. A driver’s license check should be carried out regardless of the type and size of the vehicle fleet in order to minimize the liability risk of the managing director – or the head of office/mayor or the fleet manager.

does the comprehensive insurance pay if the driver's license test is missing?

There are also situations in which even comprehensive insurance will not pay out under any circumstances: For example, if you as a managing director or fleet manager let someone drive your vehicle without a valid driver’s license! Without regular driver’s license checks, this is exactly what could happen… In this context, regular driver’s license checks are certainly better than blind trust, which can be expensive.

does the motor vehicle liability insurance pay if the driver's license test is missing?

If entrepreneurs or fleet managers let someone drive a vehicle without a valid driver’s license and an accident occurs, the motor vehicle liability insurance usually covers the compensation of the accident victims, but there may be cost reclaims in the recourse! The managing director or the fleet manager (site manager) is liable.

The legal information compiled is for information purposes only and does not constitute binding legal advice (no guarantee of completeness, up-to-dateness or accuracy). Seek advice from your legal advisor!


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