Overview of Carpanion Fleet functions
Pool car reservation

Innovative management and reservation of pool cars

Carpanion offers you a wide range of options, which we have summarized for you in the function overview.

Optimize your fleet with the Carpanion pool car reservation functions. The combination of reservation tool, booking calendar, logbook and digital key boxes saves you time and money.


Vehicle reservations

Vehicle prioritization


Booking workflow

Digital key box

Digital key box

Master data

Telematics integration

Overview of Carpanion pool car reservation functions

Carpanion’s software facilitates the management of pool vehicles in the fleet and enables modern corporate car sharing. The most important pool car reservation functions offer the following advantages for fleet managers and drivers:

Simple booking and driver communication:

  • Drivers can book the vehicles themselves via a smartphone app or a web application.
  • The software takes care of communication, sends booking confirmations and notifies you in the event of delays or cancellations.
  • A clear booking calendar shows all bookings and availability.

Efficient vehicle scheduling:

  • The Carpanion Fleet software automatically assigns the appropriate vehicle for each booking, depending on factors and priorities (e.g. preference for e-mobility).
  • Factors such as the range of electric vehicles or the vehicle equipment are taken into account.
  • The utilization of the vehicle fleet is increased and double bookings are not possible.

Increased efficiency and automation:

  • Recurring processes such as bookings, access to service vehicles (via digital key boxes or key boxes in the vehicle) and maintenance monitoring can be automated and save time.
  • This minimizes the risk of human error and reduces the workload for fleet managers, reception staff and drivers.

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