Smart key cabinets for digital key management

Smart key cabinets allow you to store keys securely, manage them digitally and automate fleet management processes.

Digital key management and pool car reservation system with smart key boxes

The keys are taught to the slot with a key seal and the security lock of the seal head is automatically locked. This means that only the authorized employee can remove or return the booked key using their staff card or PIN entry.

Smart key cabinets for intelligent key management

Smart key cabinets for intelligent, digital management of keys are ideal for companies where keys change hands frequently or are distributed.

Regardless of the size of your fleet, the innovative functionality of Traka (Touch-S) key cabinets make the fleet management process efficient, secure and effortless.

The video uses the Traka electronic key box to show how easy and uncomplicated it is to remove and return keys in practice.

Smarte Schlüsselkästen von Traka Touch-S für intelligente Schlüsselverwaltung

Secure storage
of company property and keys

All events (such as the removal and return of keys or persons removing them) are automatically logged and stored on a removable SD memory card for data backup.

The keys are taught to a slot using the key seal and the LED for the permitted slot lights up when the key is removed or returned. The safety lock of the seal head is automatically locked after the steel cable (120 x 1 mm) has been inserted into the seal head and pulled back. The steel cable is permanently locked and can only be opened by destroying it. The seal head is marked with a unique number.

Sichere Schlüsselverwaltung dank smartem Schlüsselkasten von Traka Touch-S

Access for drivers only
on booked vehicle keys

Employees can access the digital key box with their own staff card or PIN. All other keys remain securely stored and locked. Each individual slot is alarm-monitored and every removal and return is logged completely and tamper-free.

Another advantage of the intelligent key management system is that keys are available around the clock. Employees can also remove and return keys outside regular opening hours.

Smarter Schlüsselkasten Traka Touch-S PIN-Eingabe und Zugang mit Personalkarte

Smart key boxes
Open with staff card or PIN code

Smart key cabinets enable simple and secure access to booked keys via PIN code or RFID reader. Thanks to digital key management, employees can easily access the key cabinet by entering a PIN or using their own staff card.

The 3-color LED control is implemented in the key slots and immediately informs the authorized user of the position of the corresponding keys.

GPS Fleet Software Buchungskalender für Poolcar-Reservierung

Optimized capacity utilization
Follow-up booking thanks to the return log

As soon as an employee returns the key, this is logged and forwarded to the software via an interface. The vehicle appears as available again and enables a quick follow-up booking. This ensures optimum utilization of the vehicle fleet.

GPS Fleet Software am Desktop für Schlüsselzugriff Verwaltung mit smartem Schlüsselkasten

Management software
who has access to the keys

Keys can be configured and the key cabinet managed centrally using dedicated software. Access Management offers a comprehensive range of management and reporting functions and can be run over the network, from a single PC or from multiple servers.

ADVANTAGES of smart key cabinets

An intelligent key management system simplifies key management and thus ensures more efficient fleet management with optimum utilization of the vehicle fleet. The automated key removal and return process ensures a secure procedure that saves you a lot of time.

Digital key management with smart key cabinets – your benefits in detail


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