Key dispensing system for pool cars

Find out more about the benefits of intelligent pool car key management and the use of corporate car sharing software

A key issuing system for pool cars enables the secure issue and return of vehicle keys. But digital, smart and electronic solutions can do much more!
This article gives you an overview of your options for easily managing your pool cars.

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Key issuance: simple, digital and secure

As efficiency and safety are top priorities, the introduction of an intelligent key issuing system for pool cars is a decisive step towards optimizing the vehicle fleet.

Pool cars, i.e. vehicles that are used by different employees of a company, require well thought-out management, especially when it comes to key management. Smart key cabinets offer an innovative solution that not only simplifies the issuing and returning of keys, but also improves the security and efficiency of the entire process.

What is a key dispensing system for pool cars?

A key issuing system for pool cars is a specialized solution designed to automate and secure key management for shared vehicles. This system typically consists of one or more smart key boxes equipped with modern technology to control and document access to the keys.

How intelligent key cabinets work

The basis of every intelligent key issuing system is the key cabinet itself – in conjunction with sophisticated software. This is equipped with technologies such as RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) or PIN codes, which ensure that only authorized persons have access to the keys. Employees can identify themselves by means of secure authentication – for example with a card or a code – whereupon they are granted access to the corresponding key.

Advantages of a key dispensing system for pool cars

Intelligent key issuing systems for simple and secure pool car management

The introduction of a key issuance system from Carpanion offers your company numerous advantages

Increased security

The use of intelligent key boxes significantly reduces the risk of keys being lost or stolen. Every access to the keys is recorded electronically, which enables precise tracking and prevents unauthorized access.

Increased efficiency

Intelligent key cabinets significantly reduce the administrative workload. Employees can access the required keys at any time without the need for another person to issue them manually. This saves time and improves the general accessibility and use of the pool cars, even outside regular opening hours.

Flexibility and scalability

Smart key cabinets can be easily integrated into existing fleet management systems and can be scaled as required. Whether your company grows or the number of vehicles changes, the system can be adapted accordingly.

Improved vehicle utilization

By precisely recording who uses which vehicle and when, fleet managers can optimize the use of pool cars. This leads to more efficient vehicle utilization and can help to reduce fleet costs.

Software for corporate carsharing

Special software solutions for pool cars and corporate car sharing offer you many possibilities. This software is not only used to issue keys, but also facilitates the management and booking of vehicles and optimizes the use of the entire fleet.

The main functions include:

Reservierung und Buchung

Employees can view availability and book vehicles easily via an app or web application.

Vehicle management

Die Software bietet einen Überblick über den Status jedes Fahrzeugs in Echtzeit, einschließlich Standort, Zustand und Verfügbarkeit.

Key management

With a smart key cabinet, it is easy to ensure that keys are only issued to authorized persons, to store keys securely and to document expenditure.

Usage analysis

By collecting and analyzing usage data, companies can increase the efficiency of their fleet, for example by adjusting the number of vehicles or identifying peak times for bookings.

Why act now?

A key issuing system for pool cars and the use of other intelligent software is an effective solution for improving the security, efficiency and flexibility of vehicle use in your company.

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