key management

Our Smartbox puts an end to the time-consuming or chaotic management of keys. Never leave keys in unlocked offices again. Keys to confidential documents (e.g. payroll accounting) should be stored securely and in compliance with the GDPR, and access should only be granted to authorized personnel.

Advantages of intelligent key cabinets

Always connected online

Key box with integrated SIM card enables remote monitoring and real-time updates, no network cable required.

Also works offline

Thanks to the integrated backup battery, the key box remains available even without power. PIN codes can also be used to remove keys without online access.

Modularly expandable

Expandable key cabinet modules and installations at several locations can be conveniently managed via one system.

Detailed authorizations

Assign authorization for users, who has access to the keys and when.

Secured key issues

The keys can be issued or returned via PIN codes or RFID chips, and a log can be kept of who has taken which key and when. Perfect for simple and seamless handlebar surveys.

Your advantages

Smarte Schlüsselkästen in der Poolcar-Verwaltung integrieren mit Carpanion Smartbox

Smart key management

With our Smartbox-09, we offer you a reliable key box for smart key management in your company. Optimize your key management with this intelligent key box. With the integrated backup battery and offline availability, operation runs smoothly around the clock.

Authorization holder obliged to document drivers

Registration owners (fleet managers) must always know who was driving the company vehicle at any given time. There is a legal obligation to keep records if this is necessary.

GDPR-compliant key management

In the context of GDPR Article 32 (technical and organizational protective measures), unauthorized access to technical processing systems where data protection or security-relevant processing is carried out should also be documented.

Only authorized persons and defined user groups should have access to the necessary keys, rooms or cabinets. The issue/return of all keys must be documented in writing so that it can betracedat any time who had access to which rooms at what time.

Failure to provide information or providing false information is a punishable offense (penalty for violation of the duty to provide information in addition to the traffic offense).

The legal basis for the obligation to provide information for the driver survey is

§ Section 103 (2) of the Motor Vehicle Act (KFG).

With a Smartbox key cabinet , it is easy to restrict the issuing of keys to the responsible persons and to keep the keys safe and documented at all times.

These industries use the smartbox

Discover the flexible application possibilities of smart key management for every industry.



Facility management

Car rental




Car dealerships


Construction companies


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