Automated and simplified fleet management processes

The pool car reservation system offers the option of secure and intelligent integration of key boxes. The keys are stored in a compartment. This means that only the authorized employee can remove or return the booked key using their staff card or PIN entry. In addition, the responsible driver (driver survey) is thus determined.

pool car reservation
with intelligent key box

An environment in which keys often change hands or are distributed is ideal for an intelligent key management system.

Integration of smart key cabinets

The video shows how smart key management works in combination with our Smartbox electronic key cabinet. And how smooth and uncomplicated the process of key removal and return is in practice.

Smartbox - der Poolcar Schlüsselkasten von Carpanion und, für effizientes Flottenmanagement und Poolcar Verwaltung

Access for drivers only
on booked vehicle keys

Employees can access the key box with their own staff card or PIN. All other keys remain securely stored and locked. Every withdrawal and return is recorded completely and without manipulation. Another advantage of the intelligent key management system is that keys are available around the clock. This means that employees can also remove and return keys outside office hours.

opening and return
with personal card or pin

The Smartbox key box enables simple and secure access to the booked key via PIN code or RFID reader. Employees can easily access the key box by entering a PIN or using their own staff card. The assigned compartment opens automatically after entering the PIN code or by logging in using RFID.

Smartbox Schlüssel Entnahme und Rückgabe

Pool car key boxes
in comparison

The comparison of important features of the “Smartbox” and “Traka” key cabinets makes it clear that Carpanion offers the right solution for all applications, fleet sizes and possibilities on site.

Smarte Schlüsselkästen in der Poolcar-Verwaltung integrieren mit Carpanion Smartbox
Traka Schlüsselkasten, einfache Integration für Fuhrpark, Poolcars und Flottenmanagement


TRAka key box

Integrated SIM card or WLAN



Battery operation

External installation (with additional cladding)

Key issuance with PIN or NFC

Alarm monitoring of the individual slots

Visibility of all keys

Smart key boxes
For every area of application

Regardless of the size of your fleet, Carpanion offers the right digital key management solution.

We will advise you free of charge on the safest and most innovative ways to simplify the fleet management process.


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