Corporate Poolcar
Software comparison

For an easy comparison of what Carpanion’s corporate pool car software offers you, we have listed and compared important features in the following table.

Software comparison
corporate poolcars

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Excel & Outlook

Pool car reservation by employees at work and on the road

🙂 Browser login
🙂 Mobile web app
🙂 Browser login
😐 Browser login Browser login

Outlook calendar

Booking calendar

🙂 Availability calendar, resource calendar, booking utilization

🙂 Multiple views

Outlook calendar ( with restrictions for a few vehicles)


🙂 Approvals, vehicle selection, cost centres, private journeys, prioritizations …

🙂 Approvals, vehicle selection, cost centres, private journeys, prioritizations …

☹️ Not available (except Excel freaks)

Billing module

☹️ Accounting report

🙂 Public Car-Sharing

☹️ Not available

Digital logbook

🙂 Private switch in the vehicle
🙂 Driver identification in the vehicle with the employee ID cards

😐 Private only via software

☹️ Not available, only paper and Excel

Telematics hardware

OBD device for plugging in
🙂 F ixed installation with additional options
🙂 Devices for construction machinery, autonomous positioning, trucks, accessories
OBD devices for plugging in
😐 Little choice for construction machinery, speedometers …

☹️ Not available

Electric mobility

🙂 Preferred bookings
🙂 Include actual remaining steering distance
🙂 Tank data report

🙂 Preferred bookings

☹️ Not available

Digital key box

🙂 S ynchronization via IoT SIM, works WITHOUT network access
🙂 S ynchronization WITHOUT local software installation
🙂 Backup battery in the event of power failures
🙂 S imple installation in max. 1 hour
😐 Requires network access
😐 Requires server for local software installation (with updates, databases…)
🙂 Backup battery in the event of power failures
😐 Requires on-site fitter for installation (1 day)

☹️ Not available


🙂 Create user master data and logins via MS365 SAML

🙂 Available

Excel, Outlook, LDAP

Driving license check

🙂 With automatic verification by AI
🙂 With verification
😐 S eal on the driver’s license

☹️ Not available

Fleet management

🙂 Vehicle fleet management
🙂 S ervice reminders
🙂 Vehicle fleet management
UVV inspection
🙂 and much more

Excel lists

The corporate pool car software comparison clearly shows how efficiently you can manage pool cars with Carpanion.

For modern fleet management, it is essential to manage pool cars quickly and easily and to make the best possible use of their capacity. Thanks to additional options such as the electronic key box, vehicle booking, collection and return are child’s play.


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