Tips for reducing costs
in the vehicle fleet

Efficient and modern fleet management is essential in terms of efficiency and cost savings. With intelligent and automated software solutions, you ensure optimized capacity utilization and economically and ecologically optimized use of your company vehicles.

Find out about the best tips for reducing costs in your fleet.

What are the biggest cost drivers in the fleet?

Fuel consumption accounts for a large proportion of the costs of vehicle fleets. Fuel costs can even amount to up to 20% of the total operating costs. As a result, the task of keeping fuel consumption as low as possible often becomes a priority for fleet managers.

Every company must ensure that the vehicles in its fleet are regularly checked and maintained. Regular servicing, inspection and maintenance of company cars or pool vehicles is also associated with high costs. In addition to this, we must also consider indirect costs, such as the increased administrative workload for employees.

Accidents also result in high costs caused by repairs, insurance fees and vehicle breakdowns in the fleet.

Tips for reducing costs:

Tire management:

In addition to mileage and driving behavior, two other factors have a major impact on fuel consumption. Tires are often underestimated in this context, but optimum tire pressure and rolling resistance play a major role in fuel consumption.

Insufficient tire pressure and greater resistance significantly increase the vehicle’s fuel consumption. Every measure that extends the service life of vehicle tires also has a direct impact on maintenance costs and can significantly reduce them.

Telematics solutions:

Software-as-a-Service (Saas) solutions in the field of modern telematics process vast amounts of data such as GPS positions, data points and messages on a daily basis. Complex data sets are used to create meaningful reports that can be used to increase fleet efficiency and reduce costs.

In fleet management, telematics solutions help to identify potential savings and thus reduce costs. The telematics software in combination with GPS tracking helps to optimize fleet utilization and avoid unnecessary costs.

Software-as-a-Service (Saas) solutions from consist of telematics hardware (GPS tracking devices), software products (GPS Fleet Software) and services (operation and support). The carpanion reservation system for pool vehicles can also be used independently of GPS tracking devices for vehicle management. A digital logbook provides more accurate data and eliminates the time-consuming task of keeping a manual (paper) logbook. Innovative solutions such as the integration of intelligent key cabinets automate key management and thus relieve the burden on fleet management and employees.

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