Tested quality from one of the market leaders for GPS tracking

The large number makes it difficult for prospective buyers to make an objective selection. The providers on the TOP-List Telematics are subjected to an annual independent audit in terms of technology, support, service and data security. The TOP-List signet distinguishes our high-quality GPS tracking and telematics solutions for winter services and the construction industry.

Klemens Häusler, Managing Director of Software-Management GmbH, says: “The Top-List signet as a certified telematics provider is particularly important to us in order to be present as a provider in the minds of prospective buyers throughout the German-speaking world. We are already well known and established on the market in Austria and the surrounding area thanks to our first-class references, our website www.gps.at and many projects. The greater the geographical distance of the prospective buyer, the more important it is to have independent quality checks that they can rely on.”

What makes GPS.at special as a provider of fleet management and GPS vehicle tracking:

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